Who am I?

My name is Nicola, for friends Nico. My first intention is to create a friendly relationship through eliminating the invisible barrier that forces a cold and detached guided tour proposal. I am a licensed tour guide and leader and I work in Venice and in other sites of the Veneto region.
I was born in Asolo, a beautiful village on the Treviso hills, and grew up in Venice with different study experiences. When you learn to love this city, it’s hard to leave it …
After earning a Master’s Degree in History of Arts and Conservation of the Artistic Heritage I decided to pursue a career in tourism. I worked with several agencies, experienced many kinds of tours and this is why I would like to propose these various activities to my customers. Together with you, I can create a unique experience tailored to your needs, incorporating services, passions and anything else that attracts your interests.
I love history and the arts, so that I truly enjoy traveling and exploring new places and getting to know different cultures. I have a deep passion for food and I am always ready to welcome to new people and to challenge myself.

Contact me and together we will create your personalised experience in Venice.

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